The most efficient way to manage your lab.

COYALab integrates all the needs of the laboratory, achieving a variety of functions difficult to find in other systems.

COYA software provides continuous development, support and after-sales service, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers.

The independence of our company allows the development of online interfaces with various automated equipment (chemical and hormonal autoanalyzers, hematology counters, etc.) of different brands and representatives.

The solidity and confidence that the product provides is guaranteed by the registration of more than 10,000,000 patients per year.



Intuitive User-friendly Interface

Screens are standardized so that all tools are easy to find and understand. The menu bar is grouped by functionalities to facilitate access to laboratory procedures, and has shortcut keys to the most commonly used modules.

Results and Validations

For manual result entry, there are several ways to do it: by patient, by test, by template, with the possibility of checking the results history in the same screen.

Customized Lab Results Reports

Structure edition with the possibility of inserting logos and images in the header and footer. Advanced editor, which offers the user many. You can include cover sheets. Different templates for outpatients and inpatients.

Medical Histories

Patient histories can be dynamically looked up at any time, filtering data by area or date range.

Alarms and Formulas

Alarm ranges for numerical result entry and formula calculation based on other results, gender, age and type of patient, all easily programmable by the user (e.g., estimated glomerular filtration rate formula).

Lab Results Reports Sent via Email

Automatic sending of lab results reports in PDF format via email to patients, doctors, services, referring agents and health insurance companies.

Tags and Labels

Issuing of labels for patients (with the estimated delivery date of the report), internal spreadsheets for lab technicians and tags with bar codes to label the samples.

Evolution charts

You can view and print different types of numerical result evolution charts (lines, bars, points, etc.).


Our focus on high productivity and profitability leads us to the continuous improvement of products in order to provide our customers the best technology available in the marketplace.

Reports and Statistics

A variety of production and statistics reports. Customized reports included in the system.


Billing to managing entities, health insurance companies, referring agents and/or individual patients is easy. Allows for the use of codes and prices by national fee schedule, biochemical fee schedule, exceptions and up to 5 fixed price lists.

Checking Accounts

When entry the order, the applicable charges are automatically generated according to patient status (individual, insurance company, referring agent).

Online Authorizations

Modules that allow online authorization of insured patients by billing entities. Feature available on a location basis.

Sample Collection Management

Module designed to manage sample collection, which allows for the setting of different sample collection rooms, control of non-delivered samples and recalls.

Cash and Expenses

Cash flow management.. Cash opening and closing by user, managed by a supervisor.


Advanced security system, which allows for the setting of policies by user profile, limiting and/or allowing access to modules and actions such as result entry and validation.


The system registers all order and result changes made (e.g., who entered a patient and when, who entered and/or validated a result and when), and allows you to see the complete sample trace.

Network Environments

It can use one o several work stations (according to the type of laboratory), centralizing all information in a central database.