Interoperability platform

COYALab Interop


Systems can no longer be isolated from the rest of healthcare software. That is why we develop an interoperability platform that allows to integrate COYALab with other systems, such as hospital systems, Electronic Health Record and (EHR) and other LIS’s.

Funtional Features

  • Bidirectional support: enables order entry from other systems and result submission.
  • Standards: It follows international standard protocols of communication, such as HL7, FHIR, LOINC.
  • Non-standard protocol support: the integration of your system can be adapted by using customized communication protocols.
  • The possibility to set mapping dictionaries of all kind of information (test, areas, services, etc.)
  • External database query to obtain patient information.
  • We are part of the “Marco Argentino de Interoperabilidad en Salud (MAIS)” that promote interoperability standards.

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