05 Apr 2024
Transforming Laboratories with State-of-the-Art Technology

COYA software became in 2023 the first company in Argentina certified by TÜV in the commercialization, development, implementation, and support of software for laboratories. We had the opportunity to talk with the CEO of the company from Santa Fe, Gustavo Ruscitti, about the impact that their developments have been having in the clinical analysis laboratories sector.

Could you start by telling us a bit about the history and vision of COYA software?

COYA was born out of the need to modernize and optimize processes in clinical analysis laboratories. Our vision from the beginning has been to offer comprehensive solutions that not only improve operational efficiency but also guarantee precision and security in clinical data handling.

It seems you’ve achieved a lot in that regard. Could you explain more about COYALab and how it’s revolutionizing laboratory management?

COYALab LIS is our main product, a Laboratory Information System designed to cover all the computerization needs in a clinical analysis laboratory, whether private or public. What makes it unique is its approach from the care side to the administrative side, which means that we not only care about result accuracy but also about process management efficiency and patient satisfaction.

What are some key features of COYALab that differentiate it from other solutions in the market?

There are several features I would highlight. Firstly, our interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to use for all users, from laboratory professionals and technicians to administrative staff. Additionally, we offer a wide range of functions, from result management and validations to customizable report generation for patients. We also focus on data security and traceability, with an advanced system that records all changes made to samples.

What other products or services does COYALab offer besides LIS?

In addition to COYALab LIS, we offer a series of complementary products that help improve laboratory efficiency and connectivity. These include COYALab Interfaces, COYALab Web Services, COYALab Mobile,, and COYALab Interop, each designed to meet specific needs of our clients, such as integration with automated diagnostic equipment, cloud management, mobility, and interoperability with other health systems.

It seems that COYA software is truly at the forefront of innovation in the laboratory sector. What are the next steps for the company?

We continue to focus on continuous improvement of our products and services to provide our customers with the best technology available on the market. We are exploring new opportunities in areas such as artificial intelligence and Big Data to continue innovating and providing solutions that transform the way clinical analysis laboratories are managed.

To conclude, I would like to ask you about the TÜV certification in the commercialization, development, implementation, and support of software for laboratories. Could you share why it’s important for COYALab to obtain this certification?

This certification is fundamental for us. TÜV is internationally recognized for its high standards of quality and safety in various sectors, including technology. Obtaining this certification demonstrates our commitment to excellence in all stages of the process, from the first contact with the laboratory management to the development, implementation, and support of our systems.

For our clients, this certification provides an additional guarantee that they have a reliable, high-quality technological ally for their laboratories. We are proud to say that we have reached this standard and will continue working to maintain it and exceed it in the future.